Saturday, October 18, 2008

24 hour comic jam part 2

So far we have 13 participants. which is just right for an 850 square feet store. We have the fine members of The San Francisco Cartoonist Conspiracy and 3 comic outpost customers. First of we Christian Garcia is just working on Last Nerd Standing his take on Y: The Last Man. Andy George is working on my book Bone Grinders a 21st century take on EC & The Twilight Zone. There is intense conversation about fat Emo's going on between the two of them. I'm trying to do some drawing myself, but no go. Too man damn customers. Romy's work is spectacular she has finished almost 7 pages.. I will be posting some pictures soon at www.myspace/comicoutpost for you to see. Audrey is working on the smallest paper here she has 3 pages finished and is working on 4. Doc is playing with a yo yo so I asume everything is going dandy with him. Bums is on 12th penciled pages. Now Doc is drawing himself from his cell phone. Everything is going swell so far. Back at ya in a few.

A spelling and grammatical errors can be submitted to the California public school system

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