Sunday, October 19, 2008

24 hour comic jam part 10 the final chapter.

We are rapping things up and getting inaproppriate with Christians electric eraser. Doc just tried to use it as a nose hair trimmer. It has been great! Made lots of $$$ for the sale. Good night all. Thank you!! I'm closing the shop..saying goodbye to Star and doc and going to bed.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

24 Hour Comic Jam part 9

Well, the sale was a success. People love getting comics no matter what time it is. We are nearing the home stretch, some naps were taken and everyone seems ready to finish up. Gary returned around 4am, refreshed from a few hours of sleep. I'll be heading out soon myself, really tired and ready to lay in my bed, just need to make it home first. In the last hour we were cruising the halls of youtube and came across some great stuff for you check out Indian Superman, it's from Bollywood and it's hilarious.

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24 Hour Comic Jam part 8

Selling comics at 2 in the morning maybe the wave of the future, or not. The first hour of our Evil Night Owl sale went really well. With Bars and Clubs kicking everyone out why not swing by the Outpost and grab some awesome reads to help you go to sleep tonight. As for the comic artists themselves, it seems the second winds have kicked in for some, a few look exhausted. Bum Man demands you all die a fiery death, or bring hookers, for us both. I like mine blond and blue eyed.

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24 Hour Comic Jam part 7

Our sale will begin in just a few minutes, writing to help keep me awake. Slipping on my energy drink to help give me that extra boost. Bum's is wonky!! But he has new trades.

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24 Hour Comic Jam part 6

We are now 1 hour away from our Evil Night Owl Sale. It seems the artists are still going strong, some are getting tired, myself included. I'll be busting open my energy drink very very soon. My dear friend Andy stopped by with gifts, sketch designs for me on the collaboration we are doing. They are looking good. I'm keeping myself busy with actual outpost work, go me. Our friend Greer has returned with fresh home made brownies, they are yummy good.

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

24 Hour Comic Jam part 5

We have reached the half way point!!!!!!! The energy drinks are being popped open and even some beer. I'm now playing my All Hallow's Eve mix, Halloween is just around the corner. Hopefully this will help keep us awake. If you are checking out the live stream Dr. Popular is talking about what is going on with a fellow creator. Check it out at Sale starts in just 3 hours. Come by and buy some stuff and talk to me. Catch ya later.


24 Hour Comic Jam part 4

Nothing really to exciting to report, but we have been having fun. We are jamming to the Buffy Musical, our special guest Bum Man wanted to hear it. And you all missed the drunk girl who couldn't find her way home, but wanted the location of a liquor store.... hmm didn't really need it. The best part was about half hour later she returned, I let her use the phone to call her friend. She's since been picked up. If by some weird occurrence she returns I will let you all know.

24 hour comic jam part 3

Harry is here (our fine manager) so everything is under control. We have a very special guest Michael Capozzola a Comic and a Comic writer/artist. Pages are getting done. The question is how long will Harry last before he goes crazier than he already is..... Gary has gone home to rest for a few hours and visit with the family. So far everything is going well. The store is having an evil 2-6am half off trade sale, I will let every one know how that goes.

24 hour comic jam part 2

So far we have 13 participants. which is just right for an 850 square feet store. We have the fine members of The San Francisco Cartoonist Conspiracy and 3 comic outpost customers. First of we Christian Garcia is just working on Last Nerd Standing his take on Y: The Last Man. Andy George is working on my book Bone Grinders a 21st century take on EC & The Twilight Zone. There is intense conversation about fat Emo's going on between the two of them. I'm trying to do some drawing myself, but no go. Too man damn customers. Romy's work is spectacular she has finished almost 7 pages.. I will be posting some pictures soon at www.myspace/comicoutpost for you to see. Audrey is working on the smallest paper here she has 3 pages finished and is working on 4. Doc is playing with a yo yo so I asume everything is going dandy with him. Bums is on 12th penciled pages. Now Doc is drawing himself from his cell phone. Everything is going swell so far. Back at ya in a few.

A spelling and grammatical errors can be submitted to the California public school system

24 hour Comic Jam part 1

We got our live streaming up! The lovely and talented Christina Zee is here interviewing our participants and the turn out has been great! It's still early and everyone is good spirits. I'm about to do a walk through to check out every ones work and get an idea what they are doing and I'll be back.